Rules & Guidelines

Account Rules:

Multiple accounts are permitted, but under no circumstances are they allowed to:

  1. Be used to manipulate and or abuse trades and auctions to gain an advantage.
  2. Be used to abuse guild gyms or events.
  3. If one account is banned, do not use another account to continue arguments, will result in that account being banned.
  4. Using multiple accounts to exploit events and gain extra items
  5. Sharing accounts or asking another player to purchase things for you is prohibited. Only one player should have access to their own account. Lost Pokémon will not be restored by the staff or administration if your account is hacked by another user.
  6. Selling or giving away your account or selling any of its items/money/Pokémon for real money is prohibited.
  7. Asking another player to give you their account information is also prohibited.
  8. Reminding the staff about your ban or asking to become unbanned will result in a ban extension.
  9. Notice: Playing from a public IP might serve as a risk to your own account. IP bans permanently block all accounts that come from a certain IP address. We advise everyone to play from a home sever or play at their own risks.
Game Rules
  1. Do not use any kind of automated process/software or auto-clickers. Any hacking or editing of Pokémon Rise, including cross-site scripting or injecting HTML code into the game, is prohibited.
    Any exploitation of a glitch found will count as such an example of hacking. If you find a glitch within the game, immediately report it to the staff using the discord server.
  2. Abusing any such glitch will result in an extensive ban as well as anything gained from said glitch being removed from your account. Failing to inform the staff about a glitch but informing other players to allow them to exploit it will, where provable, also be subject to a ban.
  3. Do not use inappropriate language or discuss adult themes in chat. This includes, roleplay, swearing, sexually inappropriate content, Illegal content; drugs, torrent websites or anything related. (Including in Private Messages)
  4. Do not ask to become an Admin or a Moderator. Do not take it upon yourself to act as a moderator, if someone is bothering you do not call them out in the global chat. Do not argue with other users and simply block or ignore them instead.
  5. Do not use or create another account to evade an existing ban. Do not use an alternate account to ask a moderator to unban you; if you believe your ban has expired, post on the discord server.
  6. Using beds in game to sexually Roleplay is not allowed and you will be banned if caught.
Chat Rules:
  1. Use the appropriate channels for both Discord and Rise. After being reminded so many times your account will be temporarily chat banned from that sever.
  2. Make sure that your Discord name matches your in-game nick.
  3. Please use English only in open chat.
  4. Do not rehash old content or repeatedly ask the same questions.
  5. Use the appropriate chat tabs; buying/selling should be posted in the trades tab. You are permitted to post '#trades' into the global tab once to direct players to your offer, but do not post details in global chat.
  6. Do not discuss inappropriate or adult content in chat. This includes, but not limited to:
    • Sexual content/roleplay.
    • Illegal content such as torrents.
    • Drugs.
    • Profanity; do not misspell or star out parts of words to evade the chat's swear filter this includes abbreviating them aswell.
  7. Do not harass or insult other players. This includes, but not limited to:
    • Impersonating another player, particularly mods or admins.
    • Sending spam via PM or excessive trade requests.
    • Inciting other users to harass or insult a player.
    • Lying about or accusing another player of misconduct without proof.
  8. Do not spam any channels, including sending multiple/repeated messages, advertising your trades over and over, or posting in ALL CAPS.
  9. Do not beg for money, items, spawns, or teleports.
  10. Be internet safe; do not give out personal info, and by extension, do not ask for the personal info of others.
  11. No advertising of other games Pokémon-based or otherwise.

Continuing to break any rules, even one you didn’t break before, will increase the length of your ban.

Arguing with the mods or admins after specifically being told not to do something will also resort in a ban.

The length of a ban will be based on the severity of any breaking of rules at the discretion of the moderating team.